Race to see Ford v Ferrari

Andrew Acker '21, Staff Writer

Ford v Ferrari is an engaging, thrilling movie based on a true story. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, even if they are not fans of racing or racing movies.
The film depicts the late 60s rivalry between car companies Ford and Ferrari, as Ford tries to end Ferrari’s five year win streak at the brutal and exhausting 24-hour Le Mans race.
The movie takes the viewer through the two main protagonists’ journeys: Caroll Shelby played by Matt Damon, a retired race car driver who runs Ford’s race team as well as Ken Miles, perfectly played by Christan Bale, an up and coming race car driver who is down on his luck. The acting from both of the main protagonists is nothing short of perfect. They both fit into the movie well and sell their roles superbly, especially Christan Bale as Ken Miles. He shines and takes Miles to another level, forcing the viewer to feel an array of emotions. Each character feels real, and they have strengths and weaknesses that help the movie feel authentic.
The main characters are really well done, but the supporting cast also really helps tie the movie together. Especially the characters of Lee Iacocca who is played by John Bernthal, and Mollie Miles played by Caitriona Balfe. Each of these characters help add a layer of depth to the movie which would not be there without them.
The cinematography is also amazingly done. Though there are many races depicted in the movie, each one feels unique and has its own style.
As well as cinematography the sound editing is amazing. It really helps you feel immersed during the movie’s race scenes as you can hear everything really vividly from the car shifting gears to braking.
Ford v Ferrari is able to break the typical mold of a cliché racing movie because of it’s authentic feel. Every aspect of the movie is fleshed out and entertaining to watch. It is clear that director James Mangold genuinely cared about source material and wanted to make a great movie.
My only complaint about Ford v Ferrari is that it feels a little long. The movie takes its time to get going. Its duration is two hours and 32 minutes, and sometimes does feel its length.
Overall, Ford v Ferrari is a fantastic movie that shows a gut wrenching real life story. I give it a 8.5/10.