Motor City Wings displays friendliness like no other

Mairin Heimbuch '22, Copy Editor

Inside the new Motor City Wings sports bar, a modern aesthetic is prevalent. Photo Courtesy of Mairin Heimbuch.

Motor City Wings is a sports bar located on Mack Ave in Grosse Pointe Park, known for its chicken wings. If you like comfort food and enjoy the environment of a sports bar, I would highly recommend trying this restaurant out at your next get together with friends or family.
As soon as I walked in on a crowded Friday evening, the large, open room, was very bright and immediately put me in a good mood. There were a total of 30 televisions surrounding the restaurant, all with different stations on so everyone could watch something of their interest. There was upbeat and catchy music in the background that was not too loud, but loud enough to enjoy. Also, there were different arcade games, which is great for kids if they want to stay entertained.
My family and I got seated by the very friendly host right away. We then looked at the large menu, which had food ranging from healthier options like salad, soup and wraps, to comfort foods including tacos, sandwiches, burgers, mozzarella sticks and wings. We decided to order mozzarella sticks, cheese curds and pretzel bites for our appetizers, which were all surprisingly pretty low-priced for how good they were. Our waiter delivered our food very fast, even with several other families in the restaurant.
We found everything to be excellent. The pretzel bites which were $5.99, were salted perfectly and had a very tasty signature sauce to dip them into. The mozzarella sticks, which were also $5.99, were my favorite, because the cheese was very soft and melted in my mouth. They were some of the best mozzarella sticks I’d ever had. The cheese curds, which were $6.49, were my least favorite, but mostly because I don’t like eating just plain cheese. The group really enjoyed them though, because of their simple but sharp taste.
For our full-course meals we ordered a Cobb salad, boneless wings, the fish sandwich and the traditional bone-in wings. Again, the service for these full-course meals was fantastic, and our food came out so much faster than I would have expected. The Cobb salad was one of the best I’ve ever tried, which came in a huge bowl looking very appetizing and put together. My favorite part was the perfectly grilled chicken on top, which made it very filling. I tried the other food as well, and was obsessed with the wings. I really liked how they came with a variety of different sauces to dip them into. That made it fun and exciting when trying each new bite. The boneless wings with the garlic parmesan sauce were to die for. I had always tried boneless wings with the traditional buffalo sauce, but because of their many options of sauces, it introduced me to a new look on wings. I am not a big fan of fish, but we were very impressed by how well-cooked it was and how it had a nice crunch. The sandwich wasn’t too greasy and was very flavorful.
The service here was great. Not only was our waiter super friendly, but he also checked up on us multiple times when we needed more water or just to ask if everything was alright. Everyone was always doing their job efficiently and made sure the customers were happy and satisfied with everything. My family and I definitely came out of Motor City Wings full and satisfied with our overall experience. I will definitely be coming back here sometime soon and bringing a large group of friends to enjoy the food and fun.