“Life of The Party” is predictable, but entertaining


“Life of The Party” released on May 11. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Erica Fossee '18, Multimedia Editor

“Life of The Party” is a new comedy starring Melissa McCarthy that was released May 11, 2018. The movie is predictable, but is very funny and enjoyable to watch.

McCarthy is known for her humor and outrageous jokes, and she does not disappoint in this film. She plays a newly divorced mom who decides to go back to college, the same college her daughter is currently attending. The college element of the movie makes it interesting to a younger audience, while McCarthy appeals to an older audience.

From the very beginning, it was clear that this movie would not be inspirational or heartbreaking. It was full of exaggerations and uncomfortable jokes, but ultimately was just a funny film that was nice to watch and relax. The movie began slow and I wasn’t sure what direction it would take. Since it was about divorce, it could have had some sadness and drama, but instead McCarthy brought her usual humor. The movie found a balance between humor and plot, something that can be difficult for comedies. The plot was simple and predictable but that was okay because the jokes added some more sustenance.

By the middle of the movie, some people may get tired of all the immature jokes, but if you are just looking for a good laugh then it’s great. The plot isn’t too complicated but it’s interesting enough. The movie included a variety of characters that were all developed nicely.

The film was consistent throughout its entirety. It was funny without being obnoxious and still carried out a nice story. Even though “Life of The Party” wasn’t a groundbreaking film, it was still enjoyable to watch while relaxing. I recommend this movie to anyone who just wants to laugh and give their brain a break.

Life of The Party is rated PG-13. It will be showing at AMC Star Gratiot.