Star Wars, The Last Jedi did not live up to the hype


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released on December 15, 2017. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Liam Walsh '18, Supervising Editor

I was very much looking forward to Star Wars; it is a franchise that generations have grown up with and the movie that accompanies me on my sick days. I had planned  for this movie, looking forward to it for the whole week. And to be completely honest, I was somewhat disappointed. I’m not saying this movie is bad, it’s just a mixed bag. It is very similar to previous Star Wars in certain ways, but also very different

This is the first movie where it feels like Disney left its mark. There are those one liners and jokes that become almost predictable in that one comes to expect when they will happen. It’s kind of off-putting at first, and it makes it so the scene has the wrong tone. The first twenty minutes are the best example of this, because it takes something very grave and tries to make it lighthearted.

The limits of the Star Wars complex seemed to be stretched of sorts. There are a lot of risks taken and it works in some places, but in others it just made me do a double take and ask “what just happened?” That’s why in my opinion, this movie has one of the best scenes in all of the Star Wars movies, and one of the stupidest ones. When/If you watch this movie you will immediately pick up on which scenes I am referencing. With the fantastic scene, having Admiral Holdo do it felt forced and not worthy of what Star Wars is about. The infighting in this movie is petty and doesn’t seem very Star Wars worthy.

This movie was also very long; clocking in at two hours and 33 minutes. It is fatiguing and towards the end I just wanted it to be over. The last act was amazing, but there was a lot of filler throughout the movie that could have been cut. There was a whole side story that was completely unnecessary and was pointless in the end. It added almost nothing to the plot.

The plot itself was iffy at times, especially towards the end. The next movie has the potential to be pulled off incredibly well but it’ll be tough. A lot of guidelines that the previous Star Wars movies followed were completely thrown out the window. The lineup of characters was dynamic for this movie and for the setup of the next movie.

Some of the characters just didn’t have the fulfilling end I wanted. They seemed too strong to be taken out how they were and some of them just seemed to be forced in.

Overall this movie had its ups and downs, leaving things to be desired but also giving some good. I would recommend seeing this movie for the experience and it is still a somewhat good movie. And besides, Star Wars is always worth it.