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Pro: Keeping the traditions

Joshua Sonnenberg ’25

In a city like Grosse Pointe, I think traditions are very important, but not everyone thinks this way. In the past few years people have argued about one specific tradition- wearing a white dress to graduation. I can’t wait to pick out my mini white dress because I want to be a part of the tradition. I feel like so much is changing with school and I want to savor the few things we can.

Yes, it is just a white dress, but there are so many different styles and fabrics that you can choose to fit your style. Revolve is a popular place for dresses and they offer 2,107 white mini dresses. That’s just one website, so there is a variety of dresses to choose from. There are other ways you can express yourself at graduation: your hair, makeup, and shoes. You still want to be confident and feel your best but you can have fun while being traditional.

This tradition started in the latter half of the 19th century so everyone could look uniform. I think this is classy and makes graduation look clean. When people start wearing vibrant and extravagant dresses it looks tacky. It looks good to see everyone’s white dress under the gown and the dress doesn’t take away from the cap, gown, and cords.

A white dress will not take away from the thing that really matters, the actual ceremony itself. The white is elegant and gives a professional look which is ideal when graduating. The navy gown is so beautiful that you don’t want to have a colorful dress that takes away and doesn’t match. Although many colors would look decent, white is the best option. Though it’s important to express yourself, it is important to maintain appropriate standards.

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Hannah DiDio '25
Hannah DiDio '25, Staff Writer
Managing a busy schedule as a student athlete, Hannah DiDio ’25 is constantly finding new ways to pursue her passions both in and out of school. DiDio swims for South, Gators, and the Country Club of Detroit, always keeping herself busy with new hobbies and extracurriculars. This hardworking staff writer is also sure to set aside time for herself and her friends, and she loves to spend time in nature or cooking when she has a break from her packed schedule. Only a first-year staffer, DiDio is an expert Tower recruiter, and she notices the positive impact journalism has had on her high school experience. “I really like journalism writing and finding fun stories,” DiDio said. “I’m so excited for The Tower this year, and I already got my friends to take Honors Journalism.”
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25, Graphics Editor
Joshua Sonnenberg ’25 has a lot of unique hobbies, such as building his own computer, participating in lots of running, and frequently adding to his comic book collection. His love for drawing however is what inspired him to become Graphics Editor for The Tower. “I love having the opportunity to publish both written and artistic works in the paper,” Sonnenberg said. The second year staffer is never seen without wired headphones, which usually have boygenius playing. Sonnenberg can almost always be found uniquely making his graphics on his phone instead of the typical iPad.

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