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Decorating caps to celebrate achievements

Sara Dimitrijevic ’25

Graduation is a time for students to look back on their achievements and successes throughout their academic career. Throughout high school, students change whether it comes to style, or personality, people grow and should be able to express themselves when graduation comes around.

This year, students will not be allowed to decorate their head caps that are typically worn to graduation. Allowing students to decorate their graduation caps is a simple yet meaningful way to enhance their graduation experience and celebrate the individuality and achievements of each student. Whether it comes to small personal meanings, or something that makes a person be unique, students should be able to express themselves; they should be able to look back at the moments or creative ideas when designing their cap.

With this idea in mind, students who decide to decorate their cap can keep it as a memory and look back on their personality and or creativity at the time of graduation. Customizing the caps can give students a sense of accomplishment and ownership over the cap. It reinforces the idea that graduation is a personal achievement and something to be proud of. Now, it’s understandable the school might not want the caps to have any vulgar language, images, or the caps to be used for the wrong purpose. But if school sets rules in place it can be avoided without any issues of blocking student creativity and expression.

Not only is this an expression of individuality, but also a memorable experience that students can reflect on.. It can allow the students to do a fun activity with friends, or family members, and let them collaborate together on how the cap can be decorated. Even the school could come up with an event where all the students get together to decorate the caps together and spend the last couple moments at school all together and create a memorable experience. Being able to decorate your cap not only gives you a memorable experience, but can increase their engagement and excitement about the graduation ceremony. It adds an element of fun and anticipation to the event. Although this year students won’t be able to decorate their cap, it’s still a good idea to consider for next year so students can be more engaged and creative as a community.

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Sara Dimitrijevic ’25
Sara Dimitrijevic ’25, Staff Writer
First year staffer Sara Dimitrijevic ’25 is excited to be writing for The Tower this year. Dimitrijevic is thrilled to be able to write about exciting topics that interest her. Her passion for writing will carry on this year as she wants to be able to share her opinions and beliefs about ongoing topics.“I’m really excited to express my thoughts and feelings about the stories I write this year,” Dimitrijevic said. Outside of school Dimitrijevic loves to ski and play tennis in her free time. She also has a hidden talent that many of her friends don’t know about- playing the piano.

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