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The Girl Scout cookie guidebook

A definitive top five list
Courtesy of The Girl Scouts of America.

With spring approaching, a new line of everyone’s favorite snacks is arriving: Girl Scout cookies. But with so many options to choose from, how would someone ever be able to choose? In case you’re indecisive or have somehow never eaten a Girl Scout cookie before, I’ve selected my top five cookies from this year’s lineup and my reasons for each choice.

At the number five spot, I’m putting Do-Si-Dos. Peanut butter cookies are always a good option, and these surround a layer of smooth peanut butter with soft and crumbly dough to make an amazing cookie sandwich. While they’re very tasty, they’re also pretty messy and are not even the best peanut butter cookie on this list, so they are stuck at five.

Next up are Lemonades, which, as the name implies, are lemon-flavored. Similarly to Do-Si-Dos, they’re shortbread cookies, but they swap the peanut butter for lemon cream and dough. The lemon choice allows them to combine the cookie’s sweetness with the tang and flavor from the filling, which makes for a nice flavor that beats out the previous spot. However, they are a new addition to the lineup and haven’t had enough time to prove that they’re better than the top three options.

Receiving the bronze cookie medal, which may be a shock to many, are Thin Mints. While they are the best-selling out of the entire lineup, I think they’re overrated and aren’t as enjoyable as the top two options. Despite that, it’s very easy to eat a whole sleeve at once due to how crunchy and thin they are, plus the fact that you can never go wrong with a chocolate-covered cookie. They are simple and taste alright, but they don’t have enough to be placed any higher.

Beating out Thin Mints but falling short of first place, are Samoas. While some might be surprised they are ranked this high, I think they’re a lot more interesting than Thin Mints. Granted, if you don’t like coconut this will be your least favorite, but even I don’t care for coconut that much and still love these. They also have a crispy cookie and a chocolate drizzle on top which makes everything better.

This list has proven that two of the best cookie options are those with peanut butter and those covered in chocolate; our number one cookie has both of these. Winning the gold medal are Tagalongs, a classic part of the lineup. Containing a peanut butter and wafer core surrounded by chocolate, the combination of crunch and sweetness makes it perfect for every occasion. While I think the top three could all be moved around depending on your preferences, they’re definitely the best options, and this list is how I would arrange them.

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Brian Foote '24, Staff Writer
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