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Friendly neighborhood rivalry

Since the beginning of January, these six teams have fought for their spot in the championship game organized by the Neighborhood Club. The two teams that made it to the final were the Suns and the Nets. In this highly competitive and anticipated game, only one team could come out on top. The Nets beat the Suns, becoming the champions of the league.

From the start of the first quarter, there was immediate energy from both teams as they gave it their all. The Nets scored the first couple of points. The Suns immediately followed, keeping the game close. The first quarter ended with a score of 5-4, Nets leading.

As the second quarter commenced, both teams had not lost their aggression and they continued to fight for the lead. From the Nets, Charlie Cooksey ’25 of Liggett started the quarter by missing both free throws, but was not deterred and made a layup in the following play.

The Nets continued to extend their lead as Luke Shanley ’24 of North made a basket. The Suns fought back. Jack Ryan ’24 of South tactfully dodged a Nets player and scored a two-pointer. Sean DeGrand ’24 of South fought for the ball and got a turnover, leading to Noah Rhodes scoring a three-pointer with two minutes left in the quarter, making the score 11-9 Nets. With one minute left in the game, Ryan made a basket and tied the game 11-11.

The Nets refused to back down, and with thirty seconds left they retook the lead 15-11. Nick Saigh ’24 of North was fouled right at the end of the quarter and made both of his free throws, ending the second quarter 17-11 Nets.

Even though the outcome of the game wasn’t what the Suns wanted, Ryan still appreciates all the hard work from the team and has hope for the future of the Suns.

“You know I love the boys out there, but shots just weren’t falling,” Ryan said. “We just had one of those days, but future generations of Suns are coming, and they’re coming strong.”

The Nets continued to grow their lead in the third quarter as Brennen Hill ’24 of North and Shanley made plays, extending the score to 20-11. Cooksey launched the ball across the court to Hill, and he made another basket, creating an 11-point lead, 22-11 Nets.

The Suns hadn’t given up as Ryan made a quick pass to Mathew Majoros ’24 of South for a three-pointer. Majoros did not back down and made another basket under heavy pressure from the Nets.

The Suns were still in the game, 26-14 Nets. Charlie Lemmen ’24 of South fouled Cooksey, causing an outrage from both teams. One side claimed no foul at all while the other was angry about the severity of the foul. Suns coach Caleb Eckert ’24 of South paced up and down the court, displeased with the referee’s call. The third quarter ended 26-14 Nets.

A fan of the Suns team, Avery Harris ’24 of South has watched them throughout the season and said that while she knows this wasn’t their best game, she will still support them nevertheless.

“I don’t think they played their best, but they still put a good game on the table and it just didn’t turn out how they wanted it to,” Harris said.

As the fourth quarter began, the Suns came out strong. Lemmen was fouled after he made two out of three free throws. However, the Nets continued to push back, making the score 28-16 Nets. The Suns continued to fight as Chrish Rupp ’24 of the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy made both of his free throws.

By the end of the quarter, the score was 33-19. The Nets took their time running the clock. Lemmen got rebound after rebound until he finally scored making the score 33-21. As the clock hit zero, it was official. The Nets were league champions.

While the Suns suffered a tough loss, the Nets celebrated. Saigh reiterated his excitement.

“The nets played absolutely flawlessly,” Saigh said. “The scoreboard proved who runs this league.”

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