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Slip out of the slump

As the temperatures decline into the sub zero range, the divot within a sleep deprived student’s bed becomes larger with each morning and after school nap. The reluctance to open their eyes grows more prominent. The only way to pull out of this slump, aside from warmer temperatures, is getting active into the community with your friends.

In order to attain some Detroit pride, attending downtown sporting events is a wonderful way to break through the winter slump ice.

The crowd goes wild banging on the glass as the Red Wings celebrate their game winning goal.














The sports fan atmosphere downtown radiates through the city as the puck nears each net and the pounding on the glass becomes more clear. Aside from the atmosphere, the Red Wings record this year is astounding, therefore with each game they get more exciting as they become hungrier for each win. The tickets tend to be on the cheaper side the closer to gametime purchase, therefore spurring a fun and spontaneous activity to drag yourself out of a winter slump.

As the National Institute of Health states, food leads the brain’s reward system and acts as a motivator. What better way to get motivated to get out of a slump than to visit cute family owned bakeries downtown. Cannelle Pastries is the place to be.

The walls lined with delicious handmade treats from pastries to sandwiches as the aroma fills the air with a sweet smell.















As I walked in, I was struck with immediate kindness by all the staff and the hustle atmosphere of this French Bakery immediately instilled motivation in me. As the aroma filled the air of sweet croissants and caramel from iced lattes,. I knew that I would be hooked. As I took a bite into my ooey-gooey chocolate croissant my stomach fluttered. The portions were just the perfect amount.

Cobo Hall is consistently hosting lovely events that are great to attend. This past weekend, the boat show was in town.

The room is filled with people as the salesmen get ready to pitch sales about what they’re passionate about.
(Meg Kelly ’24)















Walking through the halls with country music playing lightly in the background made me excited for summer. Being able to step onto these luxury boats was truly astounding and listening to salesmen speak about what they were passionate about was inspiring. Aside from the boats, there were many activities. They had big bubbles that you could roll around inside in a pool of water and many cute photo opportunities on each corner you turn. My reluctance to be taken to a boat show was revoked immediately when I got to the venue. Getting out and doing events that may seem irrelevant to you can be some of the best memories.

Detroit has many opportunities to get us out of a winter slump and involved in the community and it is right in our backyard. So gather up a few friends and be spontaneous with your plans. Get out of your comfort zone and create memories that will last a lifetime instead of living in a slump.

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