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Feast your eyes, and mouth, on farms’ new soup bar

The new soup bar at Farms has many tasty options.
Brian Foote ’24
The new soup bar at Farms has many tasty options.

As the holidays roll around, the demand for warm delicacies arises with them. From hot chocolate to honey-glazed hams, winter brings all sorts of treats to protect you from the cold weather. The latest addition to this list comes from Fresh Farms Market, which recently unveiled a brand-new soup bar with countless choices. Offering four different daily options, the possibilities are endless if you are a fan of soup, stew, chowder, broth, or any half-liquid meal you can find.

From my experience, the soup bar is a delicious way to add some variety to the mountain of orange chicken and red velvet muffins I buy at Farms every day. It’s also fairly priced, with a full container costing around $8, but most people will probably only fill it up about halfway anyway. In my opinion, $4 for two ladles of soup isn’t a bad price.

South students are raving about the surprise presents they have been given this year by Farms. Liam Duffy ’24 said he is a huge fan who tries to get a different type of soup from the bar any time he can. According to Duffy, Farms has struck liquid gold with their new idea and every student should take advantage of this new opportunity. With flavors such as tomato basil, chicken tortilla, beef and barley, plain old chili, cream of mushroom, Italian wedding, carrot ginger, lentil, clam chowder, and many more, the options are endless.

“It was surprisingly very good,” Duffy said. “The portion sizes were filling but not excessive, and I loved the variety.”

Just like many at first, Duffy didn’t expect to be entranced by the soup bar so much, but its awe-inspiring quality was too much to resist.

“Pound for pound, liter for liter, it was the best store-bought soup I’ve ever had in my life,” Duffy said. “I never thought I’d be getting soup for lunch, but Farms makes it worth it.”

However, don’t think Duffy is one lonesome soup fanatic; the appeal of Farms’ new options reaches every student within our building. Sage Suson ’26 said he recently tested the delicious waters of the bar and loved it as well.

“It has a soup-erb flavor,” Suson said. “This soup makes the world a better place.”
One student who is very experienced with the soup bar, Matt Jakubowski 24, is a self-appointed connoisseur of soups far and wide. He also believes that everyone needs to sample the countless tastes Farms now offers.

“I appreciate Farms’ soup greatly because of its immaculate flavor and amazing mouthfeel,” Jakubowski said. “The first week they put it in, I went there every day of the week.”

Jakubowski said it’s hard to overstate the revolutionary impact the new soup bar will have on this community and our school. Every member of the South student body and faculty now has the freedom to get mouthwatering and appetizing soup at a fair price right across the street, according to Jakubowski.

“It’s truly changed my life,” Jakubowski said. “Soup is one of my favorite things and Farms has given me access to it which has made my life way better.”

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Brian Foote ’24
Brian Foote ’24, Staff Writer
Brian Foote ’24 joined the Tower to express his opinions to his peers. As a first-year staff writer, Foote said he is excited to get writing.“I’m going to enjoy Tower because it allows me to express my opinions to my peers,” Foote said. Foote said he lived in Puerto Rico for six years, which has given him the opportunity to learn new things. Something he picked up over that time was rock climbing, an adrenaline and danger-filled sport. “Rock climbing is comparable to Tower because I’ll need to get over obstacles,” Foote said. “It also helps me to be a leader and problem-solve.” Foote said he also enjoys playing guitar, and if he's not, he’s talking about his life and experiences.“I enjoy playing guitar because it helps me be more creative,” Foote said. “As for talking, I just like having conversations about my various interests”.

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