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SideCar revs up its engine in GP

The Michigan chain SideCar Slider Bar makes its way into Grosse Pointe and adds a more city feel to this small town. As many Grosse Pointers make their way to the new restaurant, Tower takes on a review of its mostly American cuisine. There has been much talk over an upcoming slider place and it is finally here.

Walking into SideCar, the atmosphere was amazing. The blue lighting and checkered floor felt very modern and the restaurant was very spacious. The staff was nice and very quick on their feet.

Henry Doyle ’25

The restaurant also included fun things like an arcade for the kids. The music and TVs were a nice touch and added to the great atmosphere.









Starting off with the appetizer, we decided to get the fan-favorite Garlic Parmesan Fries.

Garlic parm waffle fries (Henry Doyle ’25)

These were a big hit, the fries were glazed with a garlic parmesan sauce and then drizzled with more fresh parmesan. The sauce and fries matched perfectly and set an amazing impression for the rest of our food.

Following the great appetizer, we ordered the Drive Through slider, which contained a beef slider with pickles and SideCar’s special sauce. The special sauce was spectacular with a sort of sweet, savory taste to it. All the flavors matched perfectly and we were very impressed with the quickness it took to make all the food. Through our waiting time, we spent time in the arcade with the younger kids. It was a very nice addition to the restaurant, with claw machines and arcade games. You could never get bored here, the ambiance was amazing.

Our next meal was the Mac and Cheese, this “shareable” meal was most certainly shareable as it was the type of meal where everyone got a fork.

Henry Doyle ’25

The Mac and Cheese was delicious, though it had a little less cheese than we would have liked, it was still very smooth and good. Everyone enjoyed this meal and it was a big hit. The portion sizes served were filling and had the perfect amount. While it is a little bit more on the pricey side, it is a very high-quality restaurant, so that is expected.








Last were the chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are a staple at any American restaurant and these did not disappoint.

Henry Doyle ’25

Do not be fooled by the odd shape, these chicken tenders were amazing, some of the best I’ve had. The crispy outside of the tenders were very good and the chicken was really easy to pull apart. The food was served in trays that matched the vibes of the restaurant. This modern restaurant is just what Grosse Pointe has been needing.

All in all we had a great experience and will most definitely be back here again. SideCar did not disappoint. So pop in and give it a try, right on the corner of Kercheval and St. Clair Street sits the restaurant. While we did not stay for dessert, they offered us many chocolate options and ice cream. So instead of taking the long trip to Birmingham, rev up your engine and take a trip to SideCar.

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