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A salt-less situation

Sofia Boddy ’25

During November and December, we have the opportunity to experience snow. It may come down fast and heavy or slow and light. Recently it’s been coming down pretty lightly but causing our parking lots at South to be covered up, making it hard to find reserved parking spaces.

Avery Bellish ’24 has a parking spot in the S-lot and expresses the difficulties and troubles of having a spot covered in snow, making it hard when coming to school.

“I entered the S lot, expecting all the spots to be visible. I had a hard time seeing my spot along with its number, leading to my friend and I going outside to count the spots so we don’t park in the wrong one,” Bellish said.

Getting out of the car with no salt on the roads and looking for parking can be dangerous and may lead to students getting hurt. While looking for a parking spot, more and more cars may line up, leading to traffic and making more students late.

“I have a parking spot in the J lot and as many struggle with it, I had to get out of my car and swipe the parking spots with my feet which took a long time. I was late to my 1st hour getting detention and I almost hit the car next to me.” Mia Fillmore ‘25 said.

As South doesn’t provide salt or shoveling, cars can hit cars and students can fall injuring themselves. With this in mind, students may need to maneuver their car just to park in their parking spot, and with no salt that can lead to crashes.

“I couldn’t see my spot and I parked in the wrong one,” Kate Rillema ’24 said. “and when I went out of the J lot as I was turning around my car slid,”

South students express that it’s time that South’s administration do something about this frequent problem during the winter season. It’s not safe to not salt the parking lots and not shovel the snow. Students’ cars can and will slide and can be much worse.

“As a student at Grosse Pointe South, I had my car slide when the ground was covered in snow, which I think is a safety hazard, especially with how packed it is and with newer drivers. We need to salt the roads to prevent accidents and keep our peers safe,” Fillmore said.

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