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Pickleball takes center court

Henry Doyle ’25
Trulyn Doyle ‘25 and her mom are a team as Doyle makes a returning serve to the other team.

Pickleball, a sport enjoyed often by many senior citizens, has made its way into Generation Z, making a huge impact. Kids young and old are enjoying this sport as it is a tennis-like activity but easier. The game, involving two paddles and a very light ball, is played on half a tennis court and can be played with up to four players.

This new sport has influenced many younger kids to get on the court and give it a try. Kate Everham ’25, said she got her friends into it after her dad started playing with his as a weekly activity.

“What got me into it was my dad, because he is in a pickleball league, he plays every Thursday,” Everham said. “Last Christmas, he got my whole family pickleball paddles. We all started playing, then I got my friends into it. Now me and all my friends play every weekend.”

Everham is not the only one to take to the court. Julia White ’25, a varsity field hockey goalie, loves the game because it is like no other sport she has played before. Giving her a relaxing activity to do with her friends, the sport is easily teachable for anyone and everyone to do, which is another nice thing about it.

“I started hanging out with my friends on the weekend, and we played pickleball; I really like that you don’t have to do as much physical exercise for it (because)it’s a pretty easy sport,” White said. “It’s very versatile. Anyone can do it at any age, so you can teach anyone and have anyone do it.

Everham has had a lot of fun with it; as a past tennis player, it is close to something she knows how to play. For Kate, it was something very easy to pick up on. This sport first was enjoyed by older people and now is taking a modern twist to Generation Z.

“It’s a pretty easy game to pick up on. It’s very similar to tennis and I’m really good at tennis,” Everham said. “I think it used to be considered an older person sport, but now this generation started getting into it.”

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About the Contributor
Henry Doyle ’25, Staff Writer
When he’s not finding the inspiration to write, Henry Doyle ’25 said enjoys whipping up snacks and other tasty treats in the kitchen, either at Cloverleaf Pizzeria or in his home kitchen. Doyle is also always on the go, playing many different sports like pickleball and swimming. He works as a lifeguard as well during the summer. The idea of working with friends is what attracted him to jobs at Cloverleaf and at Pier Park, but also drew him to The Tower.“It's not like other classes where you are doing individual work, you’re part of a team,” Doyle said. As a first year staffer, Doyle said he is eager to see what the Tower brings.“I think it is a fun idea to work for the newspaper,” Doyle said.

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