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Treasuring Thanksgiving traditions and treats

During fall, all sorts of exciting events take place. As the leaves change color, families get together to express their gratitude for each other. Students at South celebrate Thanksgiving with their relatives and friends in many different ways. Around the holiday, Kate Scott ’27 said she and her family gather around a few large tables to eat a lot of food while catching up on old memories.

Scotts ’27 family Thanksgiving table before all of the treats and talk. The “grown-up table,” all nice and decorated, waiting for the fun traditions to come. (Katie Scott ’27)

“I love being able to sit down and just eat with my family,” Scott said. “My grandparents have this table that has these cute little chairs and that’s where all the kids sit, but as I’ve gotten older, I sit with the adults in the actual dining room with all the nice things. It’s so fun.”

Apart from the usual Thanksgiving dinner, Scott and her family indulge in some unique desserts, including an assortment of pies as well as an unidentifiable lime-green, jello pudding. As odd as the dessert seems to be, Mariella Goodman’s ’26 family traditions also include this treat, as well as some other uncommon food traditions that take place during the annual Thanksgiving football game.

“After dinner, we watch the football game and have dessert sandwiches,” Goodman said. “We just talk and laugh while we eat little sandwiches for a few hours, but of course that’s after the pie.”

The ‘little kid table,” set up at Scotts ’27 grandparents’ house, accompanied by some turkey, stuffing, and the mysterious green jello pudding. (Katie Scott ’27)

Before dinner, Goodman said she spends a good amount of time making the food her family eats. Brigid Williams ’25 does the same thing, but with ingredients from her family’s farm. She uses fresh produce and fruit to make the amazing cuisine consumed on her Thanksgiving.

“We make a pie that is a combination of apples and other fruits,” Williams said. “My family has a farm and we usually take ingredients from there to implement them into our dinner. We use as much of our own food as we can!”

While cooking, Williams said she only gets to see her family ever so often, therefore these holiday experiences really make her appreciate her family and how loving they are.






“It kind of makes me appreciate the thought that goes into making sure that we are keeping connections with each other,” Williams said. “The fact that everybody helps out so much makes it feel like it’s not just a family experience, but more like a communal experience.”

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