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Find your happy ending with ‘Choose Love’ on your screen

Courtesy of Netflix
Choose Love. (L to R) Laura Marano as Cami, Jordi Webber as Jack in Choose Love. .

I’ve always dreamt of how it would feel to have a say in the actions of a character in the movie I’m watching. I’m tired of screaming at my TV because my favorite character died unexpectedly, or wondering for hours and hours after the final episode ended what would happen next. When I heard of the new interactive Netflix show Choose Love, I thought I wasn’t going to be interested because of my dislike for romance entertainment. Last week, after I got snuggled into bed, I was in complete shock after finding out that I had full control over the decisions that the actors made.

The directors of this intriguing movie, designed the destiny of the movie to have 15 possible endings, causing the movie to spend two years in the filming process. Some of my favorite features of the game like the movie is when Cami (Laura Marano) gives you the decision to make, there’s a time limit to the choices, and most of the time there are only two options so you must choose wisely. For me, it was challenging to choose at times because you never know how your choice will affect the rest of the story.

Although I am inches away from completing the film, the start to finish is one hour and seventeen minutes, so basically the length of a normal Netflix original movie, but it may seem longer due to the pauses of decision-making. Even though you never get a sign that you are coming close to the end of the film, you make the rules and eventually decide when it is time to call it quits. Disliking any part of this movie is difficult but with every movie or series, there are always opinionated improvements that can be made. Privately, I felt as if the movie was unoriginal; it was almost as if I knew what sentence was coming next in some of the scenes.

Now, I do understand that romance is one of the most predictable genres in movies which is why I would not criticize the movie too badly in that era. I was on my toes the whole time waiting for the next decision. A question that I had in mind before watching the movie was “What gave them the inspiration for this movie”. Yes of course this movie was a great idea and who wouldn’t want to have full control of a movie, but who and what prompted this idea? Stuart McDonald, director of Choose Love explains to Rolling Stones that he was always the gamer and nerd type who always had a “soft spot” for romantic comedies. This movie was a solid 7.6 out of 10 in my books. If you are someone who loves romcoms then this is the movie for you.

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