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Why the benefits of eating breakfast in the morning are worth the five minute hassle?
Layla Demir ’24

Breakfast, being the so-called most important meal of the day, is often misinterpreted as being nothing more than just a clique. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a talented musician, or a video game enthusiast, studies show that everyone should make an effort to get their day started with something in their system and improve optimal brain function. It’s time to get to the bottom of whether or not breakfast is reallythat important and if knowing the benefits would have students like Ben Golabek ‘26 change their habits.“Honestly, I just don’t feel very hungry in the morning, so I skip breakfast,” Golabek said.

There are a ton of different reasons why students like Golabek may not feel very hungry in the morning. Eating late at night can decrease your urge to eat as well as academic or social-induced anxiety before school. Hormones like adrenaline in the body also spike when a person wakes up, making the impulse to eat right away much lower. There are, however, ways to get a bite in even when you’re on a time crunch in the morning, according to Izzy Kuras ‘24.“I eat before and even on my way to school sometimes,” Kuras said. “All it takes is two minutes to grab a granola bar, and it keeps me full until lunch.”
Even though Kuras may not feel the need to ear as soon as she wakes up, taking a minute to eat something as simple as a granola bar will keep her from dreaming of a Hydrangea breakfast sandwich in the middle of second period.

Each year, Mrs. Westfall has her students hang posters of what they typically reach for in the morning alongside a healthier version of it. Although they might still reach for a cinnamon bun from time to time, the activity allows for students to be thinking of, and make smarter, more balanced choices.“I encourage my students to make healthier decisions when choosing what to eat in the morning, but I definitely stand behind the importance of getting your day started with a bite to eat,” health teacher Westfall said.

The bottom line is that the brain needs food to function properly, and people go a long span of time without eating while they are asleep. According to an article released by the Cleveland Clinic, eating in the morning is extremely important for healthy brain function and is associated with better grades overall. This is because, unlike our other organs in the body that will break down stored fats for energy, your brain do the same. Golabek had a slight change in opinion after considering this fact.
“I honestly would try to make more of an effort if I knew how necessary eating in the morning was for my health,” Golabek said.

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Layla Demir ’24
Layla Demir ’24, Staff Writer
Layla Demir ’24 has always had a passion for the creative side of things. She is eager to step outside the box, and being a staff writer on Tower allows her to do this often. “You have to deal with a lot of the controversial stories,” Demir said. “It'll be a learning curve for me, but it will be fun and challenging.” Demir is a strong leader both in and out of the classroom. With being a full-time waitress at Andiamos, Demir has a very busy schedule. Nevertheless, she always puts in 100 percent effort and is a huge help to her peers. “We have a great newspaper here at South, and I think it's something really special to be a part of,” Demir said.

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