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Tackling turf time

Kai Tibbitts ’24

Sleepy-eyed from the school day, two tests today, hours of homework tonight, a seemingly endless cycle comes to an end with an escape. Slipping on a pair of cleats and filling a clanking water bottle with ice clears a teenage athlete’s mind. Student-athletes swarm the field, leering over the turf desperate for a turn, but the rumble of whistles and pounding sprints continuously linger.

The football team at Grosse Pointe South continuously is overstaying their share of turf time. South has a multitude of fall sports, JV and Varsity, that are dependent on our one main turf field. Why should one sport take priority over another?

South sports that use the turf typically have a two-hour block in the afternoon, such as Boys Soccer or Girls Field Hockey. Even the marching band rehearses on the turf for two hours. However, football is allowed a three-hour time block on the field. This inhibits other sports from utilizing their practice time to the fullest extent. Frequently, I see teams warming up on the baseball field, playing in the grass behind the bleachers, or doing alternative practices because they are unable to get onto the turf because of football’s extended time.

I understand that football is the major money-maker within South athletics and endures the majority of school spirit; however, this does not ensure a winning season. South’s Girls Field Hockey won the state championship in 2021 while enduring limited turf time due to frequent turf interruptions by the football team. They are a very successful team, but still suffer from the football team holding the field hostage.

I can see how many may see this as helpful as it allows for other athletic teams to have continual team bonding time, extra workouts, and watching film as alternative practices as football takes on the turf. However, imagine how much our athletic programs could flourish if each team was able to use their full turf time and additionally have time for these extremities. Our football team would be able to benefit from these extra alternative practices as well.

To bridge this divide, there should be a better compromise in time on the turf. Alternative practices should be mandatory for each sports team to have continual growth outside of the field. This would also allow for other teams to have longer turf times throughout the season and therefore boost every aspect of our athletic program.

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About the Contributors
Margaret Kelly '24
Margaret Kelly '24, Staff Writer
Margaret Kelly ’24, active in and out of the classroom, is a promising new addition to the Tower Staff. She is a committed athlete who competes in lacrosse and field hockey. She willingly gives back to her community in her own time by helping out at Beaumont Hospital and frequently babysitting. Beyond the competition, Kelly loves the relationships team sports foster with people she might not normally interact with at school. Kelly's decision to join the Tower stems from her love for writing and her future aspirations in the medical field. "I joined Tower because I like to write and I want to go into the medical field,” Kelly said. “So I think that having a background in writing can be helpful." This year, she anticipates collaborating with new peers and honing her writing skills, making her an essential asset to the newspaper team.
Kai Tibbitts ’24
Kai Tibbitts ’24, Page Editor
Kai Tibbitts is one of the brightest people in Tower. She's very outgoing and incredibly friendly to talk to, as well as being involved in South's Orchestra and Pointe Players. Her favorite part of Tower is being involved with everybody, but her main passion lies in designing art. "I just really like designing stuff, and I really enjoy being in a class dedicated to design. I'm involved in plays as one of the assistant stage managers, and I also work with art, designing props," said Kai. "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things I'm passionate about." Kai loves her position on Tower as a page editor, as it allows her to communicate with others to improve her work. Outside of Tower, you can find her in Orchestra, with Pointe Players or hanging out with friends.

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