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No space for students

Miles Constantino ’25
Domination from the field as the Grosse Pointe South Blue Devils blowout the L’Anse Creuse Lancers at football at the South Athletic Stadium on September 15th 2023. The bleachers in the picture show the vacancy in the right side of the South side of the stadium compared to the Student section on the left.

When I think of enjoying high school, I think of watching high school football with my friends. For many teens across the country, watching high school football games with friends is what comes to mind. The Blue Devil stadium, holding Grosse Pointe South’s football field, has hosted years upon years of football games. It has seen many changes, some long ago, some recent. I believe the student section at Blue Devil Stadium should be bigger to accommodate more students. Currently, the student section holds a small portion of students on the bleachers. When compared to the density of the rest of the bleachers, there is a clear distinction between which area is for students and which area is for everyone else.

I believe that the main reason to expand the student section is that it is extremely packed. There are too many people and it becomes significantly more difficult to leave the area. This becomes much more important when you factor in the possibility of a fire or other dangers at the stadium. The expansion of the student section would also allow for more students to attend these football games. This would make the crowd significantly better with more student fans.

One reason to not expand the student section is that the students can bother other spectators in the stadium. Students themselves can be very rowdy as well, some students tend to shoot confetti or throw water bottles into the air when South scores a touchdown. However, there is still plenty of space for the student section to expand. The effects of expanding the student section wouldn’t ruin the event for other spectators watching the game because of the excess space on the bleachers.

In the end, students will end up crammed like sardines as they attempt to watch their peers play football unless the student section expands. Students want to be able to watch the game from a comfortable perspective and overall have a more enjoyable experience. Expanding the student section would improve the experience for many students and invite more students to enjoy South’s football games.

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Miles Constantino ’25, Staff Writer
If anyone knows music, it's Miles Constantino “25. Composing in his spare time, Constantino takes to the stage with his pop music inspired by Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. But his talent doesn't stop in the writers room, it extends to his performance as well in both guitar and viola. Constantino also actively works towards sharpening his intellectual prowess, co-running the Chess Club, taking his love of the clever game a step further. Constantino is already strategizing on how to better the state of journalism during his first year on The Tower Newspaper. “In the (past few) years, I’ve noticed that journalism is really poor,” said Constantino. “There’s a lot of ways you can interpret something in a specific way to alter the story without directly misleading people.”

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