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Student perspective on teacher turnover


Over the past year, Grosse Pointe South and countless other schools have found themselves struggling with the loss of numerous teachers and staff members. This year in particular, South is working hard to minimize the effects this year’s loss of teachers has caused. These effects can be observed in the overcrowded classrooms and instability within courses without permanent teachers. As students, the increase in teacher turnover is very noticeable and can be detrimental to certain aspects of our learning.

As we acclimate ourselves to the expectations and course structures of new classes, we as students need stability to position themselves for a successful school year. If they are in a class with a substitute teacher or an inconsistent structure, students can not be expected to thrive within the classroom. These early weeks are crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the school year. If students are observing inconsistency or a lack of structure, it sets us up to mirror this behavior in our grades and productivity.

Classes this year have been noticeably overcrowded. These large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to adjust their curriculums to fit the needs of their students. Student productivity is also at risk as packed classrooms make it extremely hard for us to focus. Side-conversations are inevitable in large classes and it can be nearly impossible for teachers to maintain students’ attention. Participation in classes can prove frustrating because we are competing with many others for a chance to speak. Teacher-student relationships are at risk as teachers struggle to connect with their many students individually.

Our student-teacher relationships are vital in allowing us students to feel comfortable in classroom environments. As the revolving door of teachers continues to spin, we cannot be sure of who will be leading our classrooms everytime we begin a new semester. This doesn’t allow us to look forward to bonding with our teachers. As a senior, I know that I and many other students registered for certain classes this year specifically because of the teachers. Many students are regretting these class choices because the teacher they had initially chosen the class for has left.

Our student perspective on teacher turnover is that it is harmful to our learning environment. However, there is no blame to place in this situation. Us students recognize the difficult position administration has been put in and are grateful for their efforts to preserve a positive attitude towards the school year. Even though we are faced with a rocky beginning, us students have faith that this school year will be successful. With that being said, it is extremely important that we overcome these obstacles by working to the best of our abilities and remaining patient.

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Maria Wortman '24
Maria Wortman '24, Supervising Copy Editor
Maria Wortman ’24 is a second year staffer and a supervising copy editor for The Tower. Outside of Tower, Wortman said she enjoys reading, traveling and urges people to join the newly-founded Club Latino. She is excited for the possibilities The Tower offers her this year and looks forward to a great year.“I love how free we are in Tower to really write the work we want to produce,” Wortman said. “Obviously, there are still expectations (for all) of us, but we can still choose to approach stories from an independent angle which allows us to grow as writers.”Also in her freetime, she enjoys playing guitar. “I enjoy playing the guitar in my free time,” Wortman said. “I love playing for people, although I am not great.”

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