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Happier outside

The stance on an outdoor dance
Maddie Zann ’24 and Monroe DeSmyster ‘25 pose under a tent at homecoming.
Maddie Zann ’24 and Monroe DeSmyster ‘25 pose under a tent at homecoming.

Imagine a small crowded space, smelling of sweat, where you are not able to leave for fresh air. This is what it would feel like if Homecoming was held inside and who wants that? During my sophomore year, the school held it outside and showed that being outside is the best decision. Everyone is crammed in the gym, when it’s outside there is more space to roam around andless confining.

Tents are expensive but worth the investment . Tents allow for weather to not be a significant factor in determining Homecoming plans.. Two years ago, there were enough tents to cover everyone, this proved that the tents will keep everyone dry in the event that it does rain. Last year’s Homecoming was inside, and while a lot of money was saved, everything else about the dance wasn’t great. The music was subpar and the DJ could have been better. You could argue that a tent compromises our ability to fund a good DJ. However, during my sophomore year, we were able to experience a lively Homecoming outside with great music.

Having Homecoming outside allows us to save money on funding decorations. This may not seem appealing to some students, but who is even looking at the decorations while they are dancing?
An outdoor Homecoming also reduces the risk of students of spreading illnesses as we enter another cold and flu season.
Everyone has their own opinions about having Homecoming inside or outside, but I believe that if we want to prioritize our funding and still have a great dance we need it to be outside to meet all students’ expectations.

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