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Glitz and glamour

Kai Tibbitts ’24
Kai Tibbitts ’24

Each homecoming has its own unique elements, whether it’s the floats or the class themes. One of the most important things is the incredibly different outfits that people wear. Every year there is a trend between dresses and suits. Some years it’s about the color and others it’s about the style. This year there are countless trends for both.Beginning with the dresses, a common theme throughout every homecoming is the shorter, mini dresses. These dresses make homecoming look and feel different from prom dresses, typically longer dresses.

There is also the look of the fabric for the dress. It varies in both color and fabric. A trend this year is silky or sparkly dresses. The silk dresses usually give off a more elegant vibe, whereas the sparkly ones feel more fun. The sparkly dresses can be anything from sequins to glitter or even metallic fabric.Homecoming dress colors don’t exactly have a theme each year. A majority of the time it’s different with each dress. Some of the more common colors this year are black, red, pink, blue, and green. The shades will vary between dresses but overall those are the colors people have been buying the most.

Unlike dresses, suits generally stay the same from year to year. The main colors for homecoming suits are black, blue, and gray. Similarly to the dresses, the shades for each suit are different. Generally, the suit colors stay the same from year to year, which doesn’t leave much room for different trends to occur.

One thing that does change from year to year is the collared shirt that people may wear. It can be any color, however, most people pick a white shirt. Other people pick different colors to make their shirts pop out from the rest of their outfits. It all depends on the color of the jacket and pants.

Ties also change from year to year. Certain people choose to not wear a tie whereas others try to coordinate it with their outfits. A common trend is to pick the tie color to match their date’s dress or even just to tie the outfit together with a different color.Every homecoming’s outfit trends vary, from school to school, grade to grade, and even group to group. There are similarities between them all but for the most part, the different dresses and suits are what make each homecoming stand out from previous ones.

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Kaylee Jelinski '26
Kaylee Jelinski '26, Page Editor
Kaylee Jelinski ’25, first-year page editor for The Tower, said she enjoys listening to music such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Rihanna. One of the many swifties who attended Swift’s latest concert in Detroit, Jelinski said her family found a way to make it special. “It was my first Taylor Swift concert, " Jelinski said. "And my family made friendship bracelets for the Ears Tour.” As much as Honors Journalism was a hassle, Jelinski said she wanted to move up to Tower to experience the wonders of making the school newspaper.“ I like journalism/Tower because it helps share information with other people that might not know about it,” Jelinski said. “It's a nice environment,” Jelinski said.
Kai Tibbitts ’24
Kai Tibbitts ’24, Page Editor
Kai Tibbitts is one of the brightest people in Tower. She's very outgoing and incredibly friendly to talk to, as well as being involved in South's Orchestra and Pointe Players. Her favorite part of Tower is being involved with everybody, but her main passion lies in designing art. "I just really like designing stuff, and I really enjoy being in a class dedicated to design. I'm involved in plays as one of the assistant stage managers, and I also work with art, designing props," said Kai. "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things I'm passionate about." Kai loves her position on Tower as a page editor, as it allows her to communicate with others to improve her work. Outside of Tower, you can find her in Orchestra, with Pointe Players or hanging out with friends.

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