Sweet and sour solos

Siobhan McGlone '25, Staff Writer

Having to leave friends behind and go off into the real world, the end of the year is often a sad time for seniors. For those in choir, this means stepping on the stage one last time. The annual spring Broadway concert gives seniors one last chance to showcase their singing and dancing talents.

Choir members have been working tirelessly to ensure that these solos are up to par. Working out song choices to choreography to supporting vocals, Lilly Hunwick ’23 is very familiar with all this from preparing for her solo.

“Solos work in really any way the student wants,” Hunwick said. “Usually, the student will pick a song and the people (if any) they want to be in it. If you do have others in your solo, they will typically learn background vocals and/ or choreography to support the soloist.”

Allison Thomas ’25 is one student that put many hours into the production of many solos.

“We had several rehearsals per day leading up to the show,” Thomas said. “I was in ten solos, which isn’t typically advised because it is a huge time commitment. Some days I was there from 3:30-8:30 just with back-to-back senior solo rehearsals. That doesn’t even include learning the music on my own time.”

Though many are sad that this is the last show with the seniors, Julian Leo ’23 said the opportunity allows him to be grateful for all that choir has given him.

“I’m a little sad that this will be my final performance but also happy and relieved that after I can look back on all the happy memories and the friends I have made along the way,” Julian Leo ‘23 said. “It truly makes me happy that I can perform and show other people what my visions are like.”

After being with each other nearly every day throughout the year, emotions run high amongst the choir members during Broadway.

“I really don’t think the fact this is my last show has hit me yet. I’m going into performing so I know it won’t be my last time on stage, but I’m waiting for that moment where I really just say “Wow this is really it”,” Hunwick said. “I’ve enjoyed these last four years so immensely and I couldn’t be more grateful for having the closest group of people to confide in. These people are compassionate, driven and talented and I’m proud to say I’m graduating with them.”