South walks—no, runs—for the roses


Emily Colen '23

During the South Runs for Roses event, Co-Chairs Jacqueline Mathis Knuth and Erika Page, pose for a jovial photo in their Derby attire.

Emily Colen '23, Staff Writer

On a dazzling evening at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, a Kentucky Derby-themed fundraiser was hosted by the Grosse Pointe South Mothers’ Club on May 6. The second Annual South Run for the Roses introduced benefactors to an elegant dinner paired with both a silent and live auction. All proceeds of the auction were graciously donated in support of the three academic pillars Mothers’ Club upholds: enrichment, preservation and scholarship. In addition to supporting South students, the opportunity was given for local Grosse Pointe clothing stores to showcase their pieces on student models upon the grand stairwell of the Banquet Hall. Coordinating this successful spring benefit, co-chairs Jacqueline Mathis Knuth and Erika Page sought to bring leisure and elegance to the forefront while also creating an atmosphere that encouraged guests to donate in support of the school.

Knuth emphasized the significant contribution Mother’s Club events provide to the South community.“Events like this one are a great way for parents to join together and celebrate our children,” Knuth said. “ We can have fun and make a difference at the same time.”

Inspired by friends, Page said the event’s funds go towards the continued betterment of South’s students’ futures.“I was inspired by a friend’s story about how her Mothers’ Club scholarship made it possible to attend college that she otherwise would not have been able to afford,” Page said. “ I was happy to help with an event that helps to support this organization that does so much to support the students at our beautiful school.”

On top of making posters, auction sheets and marketing materials for Run for the Roses, Mae Mathis Baliatico ’24 also said she showcased her vocal talent with her solo during the South Choir’s presentation at the event. “It is so fun that students get the opportunity to be involved in Mother’s Club events and show off their talents while the people there are supporting them as well,” Baliatico said. “It’s also really nice to know that so many families and parents are contributing to your future and supporting you for all the hard work that we as students participate in doing.”