A sneak peak on senior assassin

Jacob Ashkar '23, Social Media Manager

Loved by high school seniors everywhere, senior assassin is one tradition South’s class of ’23 has taken up. Senior assassin is a game where seniors get to “assassinate” a target with a water gun in rounds until only one person remains.The Instagram account that runs this year’s senior assassin competition was created on April 15, 2023, when students had the opportunity to join or “buy in” for one dollar to be a part of the game.
Unfortunately, the South senior assassin account has no entail as to who they might be, but they still run everything behind the scenes. The rules are simple: kill or be killed. In the first round, there is a five-day timeframe where participants must shoot their target in order to be able to advance to the next round.
Of course, a couple basic rules have been put into place to keep law and order. There should be absolutely no water violence on school grounds or at any school-sponsored event. Players cannot eliminate someone while they are driving a motor vehicle unless they are in park, and they cannot eliminate a passenger either while the car is moving. Participants are allowed to eliminate someone walking in or out of work, but it does not count if they are on the clock. No trespassing is allowed, and failure to play by the rules result in immediate elimination from the game as well.
Round one came to an end on April 25, 2023, resulting in betrayal, lies and water guns. The account, @gpseniorassassin_23, is sure to keep students posted about their favorite eliminations from the round. Many stick to basic assassination plans; whether it’s waiting outside their house, mid-trip to school or practice travel, it’s been done hundreds of times. Some more creative tactics include intercepting someone on a midday stroll, hiding in a grocery store and shooting them through the shelves or even a rock paper scissors duel to see who should be able to shoot who. Regardless, this game is definitely entertaining and the winner is entitled to a $170 prize.