Five Minutes With SEEDS Advisor Lisa Kline

Dailey Jogan '24, Page Editor

Inclusion is a staple to feeling welcome in a school environment. Student-led participation through groups such as SEEDS provides that ability to many students. Advisor Lisa Kline supports the group through providing a space for discussion.

‘SEEDS’ mission is to provide a safe space for kids to (share) dialogue about issues that they don’t get to (discuss) about in their classes, in their group of friends or in their homes,” Kline said.

Working together going into Black History Month, SEEDS and the BSU (Black Student Union) have many projects in the works for the South community. With nothing set in stone, Kline urges students to keep an eye out for updates or stop by a meeting on Thursdays in her room.

“The BSU wanted to work on something for culture week, or Black History Month or both,” Kline said. “They’re working on having the BSU do Black History Month, and we’re going to facilitate it with them. We will most likely focus on cultural week later on in the year.”