Five minutes with adjusting freshman Claire Murphy


Margot Murphy '23

Claire Murphy ’27 poses for a photo in front of the St. Clair lake for Homecoming on Oct. 8.

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

Transitioning from one school to another may seem difficult at first, though Claire Murphy ’27 feels they are adjusting to Grosse Pointe South well.

Contradicting their earlier doubts, Murphy finds the homework to be helpful and viable.

“The homework is more challenging and engaging, and I feel like I’m actually improving and learning, whereas in middle school everything felt too easy to be a homework assignment.”

Murphy finds their happy place through art and design, where they are free to express themselves and their ideas.

“I’ve gotten more serious about painting in the last few months or so, through my art class,” Murphy said. “And I’ve also been given more opportunities, such as the Scholastic art magazine competition.”

Most of all, Murphy appreciates South for its inviting and calm environment, contrasting their previous school.

“I feel more accepted at this school, as my last school was rather anti-LGBTQ, and there are more people that mesh with my personality,” Murphy said. “South’s environment is a lot nicer and calmer compared to middle school, and it’s way more inclusive too. I’ve met a lot of cool people here.”