Five minutes with latin club president Camille O’Mara

Olivia McDougall, Staff Writer

Latin club president Camille O’Mara ’23 has taken part in the Latin senate since her freshman year. Her inspiration to join the club sprouted after observing her sister’s participation. As the years went on, she assumed more responsibilities in school activities as well.

“My sister was a part of the senate and I’ve just taken on more leadership roles throughout the years,” O’Mara said. Taking the inspiration from her sister, O’Mara has many plans for the club.

As president, O’Mara seeks to do what is in the best interest of club members. Her biggest concern is accomplishing as much as she can while president, and she is particularly focused on making things happen for the members of the senate. According to O’Mara, members are more involved this year and are looking forward to more events as a class.

“It’s been more of a natural progression of being able to make the changes people want to see in the club,” O’Mara said. “Seeing that people want to go to the DIA and want t-shirts, things like that.” Latin club members and Latin classes will be getting club t-shirts and attending the DIA as a class.

According to O’Mara, the Latin club isn’t similar to the other language clubs. Latin club has many differences and continues to include all members of the Latin classes, even if they don’t attend meetings. For those who can’t attend meetings there are other options. During their class period they can comment on club concerns.

“We’re not really Latin club, we’re Latin senate,” O’mara said. “Anyone taking a Latin class is part of the republic.” Once you enter the class, you are a part of ‘Latin Land.’

Many members of the senate have voiced their concerns in the past. Due to this, O’Mara spends time considering alternative ways to do their basic everyday tasks; she is constantly finding ways to make them more interesting. Currently, she has assisted in organizing activities for Latin students. Recently, Latin club played a game of kickball with the German club.

“We had a great time collaborating with the German club so far for the Latin world cup,” O’Mara said. “Everybody was celebrating that kind of friendly rivalry.”