Career and technical education programs bloom at South

Sara Dimitrijevic '25, Staff Writer

UP ON THE SCREEN Members of the broadcast program are involved in all facets of production, including filming, editing, and producing the show. This is one of the main ways a CTE class differs from a traditional educational class. (Sara Dimitrijevic ’25)

CTE (Career and Technical Education) is a many classes and opportunities for students. CTE gives students a variety of opportunities to choose a career path and technical work skills to help them succeed for the future.

Steve Geresy, the broadcast and TV Production teacher at South, explains the benefits of CTE and how taking TV production can help you advance your technical career path to those interested.

“It benefits students in various ways, if you take TV production, you’d be getting a hands on experience with TV production equipment and concepts,” Geresy said.

Geresy’s class is a good class to look into if you’re thinking aboutTV production. His class offers things like video control, special effects, operation of cameras as well as editing machines, composition, lighting, staging and directing, on-camera announcing and interviewing. The hands-on experience gives you awareness and a look into if you’d like a career involving TV production.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION The broadcast team prepares for filming, as the behind-the-scenes members work the cameras and mics. (Sara Dimitrijevic ’25)

“We have multiple classes for TV production,” Geresy said. “(this) gives students the opportunity to take TV production as many times as they want and get exposure from it, which also builds a portfolio for them.”

Students gain experience as well as an inside look of what to expect in a career in TV through the TV production classes. CTE became easier for individual highschools to take on these courses and math the standards that were being asked.

“Students start to take on leadership roles,” Geresy said. “And the smaller projects become bigger projects so there’s a lot more experience you get from it.”