Five minutes with stage director Ella Johnson


Ava Biter '25

BACKSTAGE HERO Ella Johnson ’24 helps out behind the scenes to make sure the play runs perfectly.

Ava Biter '25, Copy Editor

She Kills Monsters, a play written in 2011 by Qui Nguyen, is making its debut on the South stage this month.

Stage manager Ella Johnson ’24, started her South theater journey as a production manager last year. This year, she helps out backstage, cueing lighting, sound and projections in the show.

“Backstage and tech help make the show happen,” Johnson said. “From costumes, props, lighting and more, everything that happens on stage is made possible by the work of the production team and the tech crew.”

This year’s play is much different from previous South productions such as “Almost, Maine” and the student-directed One Acts.

“It’s a very unique play,” Johnson said. “It takes place in the 90s and touches on some very modern subjects. Because of this I feel like it can be very relatable.”

This year’s fall play has many new aspects to it. It heavily includes the popular online game, “Dungeons and Dragons”, into its plot.

“The play also incorporates a lot about Dungeons and Dragons and how it helps people relate to the world in a way that helps them.”

The student actors are anxiously awaiting the play’s premiere on Nov. 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the South auditorium.

“I truly love being able to assist in making such creative and thrilling theater performances,” Johnson said.