Girls swim honors major contributor John Boll during senior night

Margot Murphy '23, Associate Web-Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 20, the Girls Swim and Dive team not only celebrated their senior members, but also commemorated the Aug. 24 passing of John Boll with a small ceremony preceding the meet.

Patrick Petz organized a ceremony honoring Boll, who had sponsored the construction of the Boll Center and the swimming pool.

“It’s just a thank you to honor his death and a nice community,” Petz said.

The entire Boll family, including Boll’s wife Marlene, came to receive gifts from the senior girls and hear the respectful speech prepared by Petz and thankful remarks made by Principal Hamka to close the ceremony.

“I was very very happy that he first of all was honored, because (sponsoring the construction) was his idea,” Marlene Boll said.

With that kick-off, the swimmers dove right into their meet against Grosse Pointe North and Rochester Adams High School, ranked just under South at third in division two.

Senior parent, Julie Schuetze, said the girls, particularly the seniors, were especially competitive this meet because of how well Adams had been doing, helping to push the lively atmosphere at the pool.

After diving, the senior night ceremony officially began with seniors individually going through a tunnel created by younger members of the team, followed by receiving a yellow rose from their favorite underclassman supporters. Then, they took a photo with their families and coach, John Fodell, before stepping onto one of the blocks.

“It’s so weird because I’ve watched it three times and now I’m in it and it’s like woah- lots of woahs,” captain Sienna Clark ’23 said. “This was definitely my favorite part of swimming on the team and I’ll miss my teammates the most.”

Along with the first commemoration ceremony, Hamka attending a girl’s swim senior night had also been a first for the team. He stayed to give his support for both the Bolls and the girls, posing along with Fodell for photos and congratulating the girls.

“We’re thankful to all those who came out to honor them and to honor our seniors too,” Hamka said. “A doubly special night.”

Spirits re-incited, the swim team ended in victory against both Adams and North, making it a senior night to remember as the team prepares for the

upcoming MAC Red Championship on Nov. 11.

“We are fortunate to have a community, to have community members, that invest back into the community,” Hamka said. “ We take for granted we have these giants that are part of our community.”