New sweet spot pops up in time for the sugary season

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

Located in the village in between CVS and Blossom Bottom Baby, Bakehouse 46 snuck themselves in. They officially opened to the public Oct. 1, and are having their grand opening on Nov. 11 and 12.

This new Grosse Pointe addition is one of five sister bakeries, accompanied by locations in Birmingham, Rochester, Ann Arbor and Plymouth.

“We’re opening another bakery in Ferndale soon, and then we plan on opening another one in Macomb,” said Chelsea Smith, manager of Bakehouse 46. “Our bakeries have been very successful and I want to keep expanding the company to other communities.”

Bakehouse 46 is best known for their gourmet cupcakes according to Smith. This opinion is shared with many South students, like Morgan Deenik ’24.

“I liked the cappuccino cupcake the best,” Deenik said. “I think it had a nice ratio of frosting and cake.”

Ben Frakes ’23 disagrees, arguing that the caramel pretzel crunch cupcake takes the cake.

“I recommend the caramel pretzel crunch,” Frakes said. “It tasted really good and the pretzels were the best part. I liked how they had miniature cupcakes too, so then you can try more different flavors.”

Bakehouse 46 has much more to offer than their cupcakes– they also have seasonal as well as cinnamon and powdered sugar donuts, seven different coffees, sandwiches, 12 flavors of ice cream and frozen or hot apple cider.

“Although we’re well known for our gourmet cupcakes, we have lots of other savery options like our bagels and sandwiches,” Smith said. “And we’re hoping to expand our menu into a larger variety of cookies and then expand our online offerings too.”

This new growing business decided to open its doors to Grosse Pointe for its community and long standing reputation.

“We came to Grosse Pointe, because we knew how strong the community is here and wanted to be a part of that,” Smith said. “ We’re just looking to do our best for the city of Grosse Pointe.”