Quizlet premium supersizes study stress

Millie Gates '24, Page Editor

According to Mira Haurani ’25, Quizlet has often been the primary choice when it comes to studying. With the new premium option costing money, many students have moved to other study forums. (Camille Gates ’24)

The popular online study tool Quizlet now has students stressed about upcoming exams. Starting this school year, Quizlet is charging up to $48 a year for unlimited use of its five online learning methods. Quizlet does also provide a backup free option with very limited use of the website.

“It is really frustrating to have to pay for Quizlet,” Mira Haurani ’25 said. “It was a very helpful study tool that helped me understand what I needed to focus on, and my favorite was the test section.”

Unlike Haurani, Milly Bellamy ’24 is currently taking AP Spanish 5 and believes that online study tools are worth the price.

“I bought Quizlet plus because of my old habits,” Milly Bellamy ’24 said. “It’s really helpful, and I got used to using it in the past.”

Although the price was right for Bellamy, she is still really bothered with the way Quizlet is choosing to move forward with its subscription.

“It is pretty annoying having to pay to use the website now,” Milly Bellamy ’24 said. “I know a lot of people who aren’t subscribing who are upset about this.”