Versatile vendors: The many stands of Eastern Market

Margot Murphy '23, Associate Web Editor-In-Chief

Created in the late 1800s, the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit has expanded from selling just produce into marketing art, food, clothing, and other pleasantries. Its services have not only provided many Detroit residents with an opportunity for entrepreneurship but also boasted affordable prices and created a strong community among vendors and customers alike.

Small-business owners and entrepreneurs at Eastern Market are from varying backgrounds and levels of expertise. There are so many vendors to visit at the Eastern Market–anyone can sense the passion, comradery, and effort everyone has put into their products.

Vendor Nadine Atoui stands beside her table, where she sells a variety of wellness crystals. Interested buyers can purchase from her online store, or from her table at Eastern Market. (Margot Murphy ’23)

Your Dose of Soul Crystals:

Your Dose of Soul Crystals is a spiritual crystal shop run by two-year Eastern Market vendor Nadine Atoui. Her aesthetically pleasing table and beautiful crystals entice all types of passersby, young or old.

“I’ve noticed everyone has been getting more into (crystals),” Atoui said. “I got into it because of spiritual healing and I had the hobby of collecting them from all over the world.”





Young business owner Shar Huff (pictured to the right) sells a variety of beauty creams and skincare products to interested customers, and can be found at Eastern Market and on Facebook. (Margot Murphy ’23)

Huff Marketing:

If you’re looking for skincare based on the science of precious elements such as 24-carat gold or silver, then stop by Luxe Alchemy by Shar Huff. Only a two-year vendor, Huff has been helping clients clear blemishes as well as heal and detoxify skin.

“It’s a very strong, very supportive, and cohesive market,” Huff said. “The Eastern Market gives you the opportunity to showcase your business, especially if you’re a new business owner.”




Tony and Morgan Nguyen, owners of the Compassion Cookie Co. stand at Eastern Market are an Ohio-based company who work to provide cookies for a variety of different dietary restrictions. (Margot Murphy ’23)

Compassion Cookie Co.:

Run by first-year business owners Tony and Morgan Nguyen, Compassion Cookie Co. is a vegan cookie business that aspires to provide cookies to all, no matter what diet they’re on.

“Our first year at the Eastern Market has been fun so far and the place is huge,” Tony Nguyen said. “It’s nice to see a market here since we’re based in Ohio.”





Stand owner Erik Rodak creates a clay vase at his booth in Eastern Market. (Margot Murphy ’23)


Pottery Making:

Fellow first-year and Wayne State graduate, Erik Rodak, shares his newfound passion and Polish heritage at his pottery table.

“There’s just something about working with clay,” Rodak said. ‘It promotes mental wellness and works your creative muscles. Everyone should at least give something a try, like painting, drawing, or clay.”




Marie McCormick (pictured on the right), owner of The French Cow, poses for a picture at her popular crepe booth in Eastern Market. The business also has a dine-in location in Detroit, for other hungry customers. (Margot Murphy ’23)

The French Cow:

Born in France, Marie McCormick has been bringing the authentic taste of French crepes to Detroit since 2017.

“The community is amazing and I feel like I’ve found a community and a family,” McCormick said.