New beginnings for teachers district-wide

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

New economics teacher Jennifer Goloweyco enjoys a break in her classroom.
(Kelly Gavagan ’23)

Twelve teachers have joined Grosse Pointe South’s staff this year, including Jennifer Goloweyco.

Goloweyco began her career teaching at Wyandot Middle School in Chippewa Valley, and soon after became a social studies and English teacher at Merritt Academy in New Haven. She then went on to work for two years at Brownell and six years at Parcells. Unlike her past teaching experiences at middle schools, Goloweyco said high school is more complicated.

“I think I spent my lunch hour just having somebody run me down on how homecoming works,” Goloweyco said. “I’m looking forward to all of those homecomings and the dance and the fun things I haven’t gotten to do.

“Goloweyco has had a diverse resume of classes throughout her career and is currently teaching history and economics here at South.
“I have taught all kinds of classes during my career that are both social studies and English related, from drama to Greek mythology,” Goloweyco said. “I love ELA and SS because they work together so well, and are both full storytelling.

AP Economics falls under the spectrum of social Studies and English that doesn’t involve any storytelling or drama. Libby Shefferly ’23 admits that the course itself is boring, but Goloweyco makes it fun and easy to understand.

“With high school classes, more experienced students tend to know what’s helpful and what’s not,” Shefferly said. “She’s been adjusting to rowdy classes and has been better at giving us points so that less stuff can bring our grade down.”

Another student in her AP Micro class agrees that Goloweyco found a balance between too much and too little course load.

“I think the class load is certainly adequate– she doesn’t overwork us, but she doesn’t go easy on us either,” Dagueneau Jewell ‘24 said. “I like how she posts everything we work on online, since there’s a lot of resources to catch up on.”

Like students Shefferly and Jewell, Goloweyco is excited to teach this year.

“I’m really looking forward to just working with the student body here,” Goloweyco said. “It’s a big change from what I’ve been doing in the last couple of years, and to have students that are really so mature and willing to learn is really inspiring.”