Homecoming pep rally returns indoors, to students’ excitement

Layla Demir '24, Copy Editor

For many students, the transition from summer to the start of a new school year is not an easy one. Daily schedules suddenly change, and the pressure is on, both inside and outside of the school day. Sometimes all students need is something to look forward to in order to encourage them to finish the week strong. In a way, pep rallies are a student’s saving grace; teachers are more likely to ease up on the homework load knowing that there is a big weekend ahead and everyone is excited to come together and let their hair down for a change.

This year’s pep was voted in a close tie by the student body to be held indoors rather than having it out on the football field like South did last year following Covid-19 restrictions. Margaret Pierce, the Student Association Advisor, said that having pep inside comes with a number of advantages that include being able to hear the speakers much more clearly, a more visible view of the student groups and sports teams as they enter and ultimately more possibilities in regard to technology.

“In past years, we would present videos like a hype video for the football team,” Pierce said. “Since we were not able to figure that out last year with pep being outside, we wanted to bring that back.”

Some of the fun activities that will take place this year include games of musical chairs, tug of war, lightning, the traditionally featured basketball game, the teacher dance and, of course, the pie eating contest. Libby Ebanhoeh ’23, co-chair of the pep rally, is most excited about everything being held inside like it has been in pre-pandemic years at South.

“We hope to make pep more spirited and fun by making sure the music and mics are loud enough,” Ebanhoeh said.

Being outside created a lot of issues when it came to timing the music right last year because of how far away things were. As a senior, she really wants the underclassmen to get a feel for how fun it is to see and experience everything up close.

“I believe that pep rally is important in getting the freshmen involved in school spirit, in getting the football players hyped up for their big game and in making everyone feel included and excited about homecoming,” Ebanhoeh said.

This year’s Unity Day theme is “We Are One,” which emphasizes how much support the staff and students provide here at South on an everyday basis.

“Unity Day is really unique because many student governments do not include it on the final day of their theme week,” Pierce said.”It is meant to demonstrate how we are all in this together as blue devils.”

After all, the main goal of each planned student event surrounding homecoming is to build relationships with one another and grow closer as a community. Pierce stresses the importance of taking advantage of these high school experiences while they happen.

“(The pep assembly) is 100 percent run by students, for students, with the student body in mind,” Pierce said. “I really want to encourage everybody to come and get involved.”