Interact Club kicks off new year

Omar Siddiqui '25, Web Editor

South’s Interact Club is back this school year and is once again making big plans to help out the Grosse Pointe community.

Interact club members helped pass out water to runners during the 43rd annual Grosse Pointe Run on Saturday, Sept. 17. (Omar Siddiqui ’25)

Interact club is a weekly club that helps plan and participate in local events and fundraisers, according to club advisor, Kevin Cox. While they do help a lot in the community, Interact club is an extremely expansive group that spans more than just the Grosse Pointe area.

“We have partners in schools all over the country and the world,” Cox said. “We try to have both local projects as well as international projects and fundraisers to help people in need.”

One of the most unique things about Interact Club is that it is completely student-led. Students who join the club will be able to participate in a multitude of different activities. Charitable organizations around the community are always sending Interact Club requests to hold an event.

“We try to promote things as we learn of organizations who could use volunteers,” Cox said. “However, we also try to create new projects and try new things.”

South’s Interact club has had a long history of helping out around Grosse Pointe and Detroit. Among their many ventures include cleaning up the Moross greenway, planting trees throughout Detroit, making care packages for the homeless and many more.

EYES ON THE FUTURE Interact members plan and present event ideas during their weekly meetings, which take place every Wednesday after school.

“Interact Club is a way for us to give back and help people who are struggling,” Cox said. “We need to let people in need know that we care about them and that we can help them.”

This year, Interact is already up and running and getting started on fundraising activities. Interact member and South student, Maeve Hix ’24, said that Interact has been participating in community events since the beginning of the school year.

“We just had a service project where we helped out with the rotary run,” Hix said. “We helped hand out water to the runners, we set up the track and just helped in general.”

Interact is a tight-knit community of committed students devoted to helping society. According to interact member Madeleine Mager ’24, there are tons of benefits to joining Interact.

“It’s just a feel-good type of club,” Mager said. “Everyone there is super nice and welcoming, and the service projects are always fun.”

Interact meetings are every Wednesday after school in room 297 in the main building. The members of Interact are very passionate about helping out around the Grosse Pointe area while also enriching themselves.
“Interact is just a truly well-meaning club,” Mager said. “The club is a community and we help benefit society.”