Dressing to the nines: each grade’s take on Homecoming

Gia Cavaliere '23, Page Editor

Giada Cavaliere ’23

Homecoming is a fun time each year where students get to express themselves through their attire. As incoming freshmen get to experience the dance for the first time, others have done it years on end. This strikes the question: what do homecoming dresses mean to different grades?

Katy Boyle ’26, expresses how she is super excited to experience homecoming with her friends and family. Boyle also touches on how, so far, planning homecoming isn’t what she expected.

“I was surprised how much planning and drama was involved with homecoming,” Boyle said. “It’s taken a lot for me to find my “perfect” dress, but I think the one I found is very elegant.”

Boyle believes her homecoming dress isn’t just any other dress, but a milestone in her life. According to her, it shows that she’s maturing now that she’s in highschool.

Evie Smith ’25, and Eleni Melhem ’24, have a different take on their homecoming dresses. Smith believes that freshman year was important because it was the first homecoming she had, but now that she is a sophomore she isn’t as focused or excited for it.

“Although I don’t think this year is as important, I still think it is super fun to dress up in something I feel confident in because I don’t always have much time to do that,” Smith said.

Melham expresses a similar opinion as she says how she is more focused on school her junior year rather than the dance.

“I think that homecoming is so fun, but as for my dress I don’t care as much because senior year I plan to go all out,” Melhem said.

Vivian Leech ’23, thinks that her homecoming dress is super important. She further expresses how her style has evolved over the years and now that she is a senior she knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like within a dress.

“The dress I got this year really encapsulates my style and it’s second hand,” Leech said. “I have found over the years that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a dress as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing.”