Handmade homecoming for student Adelina Parkih ’25

Owen Parent '23, Supervising Copy Editor

Homecoming dresses have changed a lot over the years, with certain colors, materials and styles of dresses going in and out of fashion. One thing that has stayed consistent though, is the rising prices of dresses for the special night. While everyone wants to have the prettiest dress at the dance, coughing up hundreds of dollars just isn’t an option for everyone.

Adelina Parikh ’25 has come up with a solution to not only combat insane prices for a dress, but also ensure her dress is unique: creating her own dress.

Parkih has always had a passion for creating clothes, which directly stems from her mother.

“I have created my own Halloween costumes since elementary school with the help of my mother,” said Parikh “She made her own dresses for every event up until her wedding day, so I guess I get it from her. It’s sort of a family bonding kind of thing.”

Parikh has gotten the wheels turning on making the dress, but is nowhere near close to finished yet.

“I bought materials and fabrics for the dress a couple weeks ago, so I’ve sort of started work on the dress,” said Parikh “I’ve began cutting into the muslin for the dress, which is a cheaper, test fabric used before cutting into the actual fabric, which I haven’t done yet.”

Even though Parikh doesn’t know others making their own dresses for homecoming, she definitely encourages it.

“I don’t know any of my friends making their own dresses, but I definitely would recommend it. Creating your own dress ensures having the perfect measurements that fit your body, and also guarantees having a unique dress.”

Cutline: The begging of Parkih’s project, as she has started to brainstorm potential designs for her homecoming dress.