Reaching out for help: when to talk to counselors about college

Katie Hamilton '24, Web Editor

College is a big thing. People are anxious about getting accepted or getting rejected. When students don’t know how to apply, that’s where counselors come in. Counselors not only help students with their mental, physical and emotional health, but also with the college application process.

Troy Glasser, a counselor at Grosse Pointe South, has helped with the college process for over 20 years.

“Counselors are a big part of the college process,” Glasser said. “I have been doing this a long time and I sometimes think the application process is too complicated and doesn’t need to be as complicated, so it does require some of our assistance. And I think that’s just kind of a downfall. The whole process has become a little bit too complicated.”

More colleges are asking for counselor recommendations as they play an important role in the application process. Maeve Waterson ‘22 went to her counselor for help during her college application process.

“I asked my counselor her opinion, which helped me in the long run,” Waterson said. “At first, I didn’t know the first thing to do when applying, but my counselor helped me step by step, making it a less stressful and enjoyable experience.

After going through the process with the counselor, there is less anxiety about college. Counselors are there to help you wherever needed and have so much knowledge of everything college-related.
“I’m so glad South has such great counselors to go to when applying to college,” Waterson said. “They really help the whole process move along and they give great advice. I’m happy I went to my counselor.”