Top 6 graduate worthy party gifts

Becca Koch '22, Web Editor

As the end of the school year approaches, graduation parties are about to begin. It can be difficult to find a gift for someone, especially if you don’t know them very well or what they want.  As a current senior, here’s some things me and my friends would love as gifts.

1) Cash

It’s basic. It’s boring. It’s totally unoriginal but it’s for a reason. Cash is a perfect gift because it’s so versatile. Seniors can use it for tuition, a new computer, or to buy dorm furnishing. It takes up little space in a dorm and it allows seniors to use the money where it is most needed. If you want to make the presentation more interesting there are a ton of ways to do so. One of my favorites is to roll the money into flowers and place them into Styrofoam for a bouquet. There are also a ton of ideas and how to ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration.

2) Gift cards

Sure, another basic and boring gift but it’s so useful. Gift Cards again can be used by the graduate can buy whatever they want. Some great ideas are to a clothing store they love, chain restaurants so they can be used wherever they end up, or to a college’s bookstore so they can buy more apparel. Amazon is also another great option for gift cards.

3) Small tool and/or first aid kit

This one is a little random, but after talking to friends and family who are in college it’s something you don’t think about until you need it. Getting or fixing new furniture typically requires some tools and having one easily available is really nice to have. Additionally, first aid kits are always needed and you don’t think about having something in one of them until you need it.

4) Personalized items

It’s true, something personal can be pretty tricky and I would avoid doing this for people unless you know this will be a guaranteed success with them. Still, this could be a very cute idea for a group of friends like getting matching items all together. Some of my favorites that I’ve seen are planners and small makeup bags.

5) Polaroid or film cameras

Recently, retro pictures have had a massive resurgence. This is a great way for graduates to capture their life post high school. Those pictures will last them long after they’re taken. They can be used to decorate a dorm room and remind the graduate of home.

6) Journals and books

I’m a big proponent of journaling and think it’s a great way to stay present and sort through emotions that are obviously going to occur at this stage of life. Getting someone a really nice journal can help them organize their life or they can use it as a planner for school. Books are another great present. Especially coming of age novels or advice books for college.