Student side hustles

Julia Kado '24, Staff Writer

Summer is approaching fast and a plethora of newfound time is on the hands of South’s students. One way to use this time efficiently is to pick up a side hustle. The convenient thing about side hustles is that they aren’t full time jobs and can be continued during the course of the school year.

One side hustle that students can partake in from their own home is simply writing. Rather than getting paid for the content they write, they would be paid for their neat handwriting. On Upwork, one can sign up as a freelance writer and then they can sell personalized, handwritten stationery of all types in order to make money. This is a viable option, as one can work straight from home in a convenient fashion.

A fellow work-from-home choice is taking online surveys via Survey Junkie, in which you earn points and then be able to redeem them for real money. Surveys can escalate from 15 minutes.

Another option for students to consider is the classic dog-walking gig. This allows for students who love animals to interact with them, exercise, and make money at the same time.. It’s a local job that requires no form of transportation other than your feet.

Similarly, students can babysit locally to make some more cash on the side. This provides experiences with kids that can be vital, along with the skills of patience and compromise. Though this could require some transportation, it would be minimal, as preferably the houses that need babysitters will be relatively local.

Side hustles, according to the Library of Medicine, have both benefits and drawbacks. It is important that we take both into consideration, and carefully ponder our options as we draw closer to summer.