Girls softball steals another win

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor

With the spring sports season succeeding, teams are adjusting to their new members and a new year. On April 21 at 4:30, Grosse Pointe South varsity softball Blue Devils went head to head with the Port Huron Big Reds. Left fielder, Katie Steiner ’23, was thrilled to play in such nice weather with so many supporters in the stands.

“It’s so much fun to be playing on a team surrounded by such supportive players and coaches,” Steiner said. “We have so much fun on the field together.”

This is the girl’s seventh game of the season, they won 8-4 which improves their record 4-3. A lot of runs were included in the early innings, they had an early lead as well due to their tough defense. The crowd was very lively and loud with their cheering which gave the girls the motivation they needed since most were becoming very tired.

“I was really exhausted while playing, I remember getting to the field and saying to myself ‘I am really tired’,” Grieser said. “I was really excited to play, I felt like something good was going to happen.”

Middle infielder and pitcher, Lilly Stidham ‘23, says she and her team were able to continue to put the pressure on throughout the entire game. Grieser was able to hit her first home run of the season, Stidham and the crowd were cheering extravagantly. The team shut down several innings with their great offense and defense.

“One positive thing that came out of the game was our defense,” Stidham said. “Despite taking an early lead, we continued to put pressure on their offense. With a consistent defense, it will definitely take some stress off the pitcher and will boost our team’s confidence in the game.

Senior, Shannon Dame, better known as “black and blue,” holds a new school and new state record for hit-by-pitches. South had originally held a record of 24, but with Dame’s efforts now boasts a record of 26. Dame said this game was hilarious and special to her, she had never expected to beat that school record. The crowd was roaring and the announcer’s voice rang through the speakers.

“I could see the ball coming inside and once it happened my team went crazy,” Dame said. “I put my hands up and celebrated while I walked down the line to first, it was actually pretty funny then our announcer called me the starter record holder for the rest of the game.”

South’s varsity softball team secured the win, this game last year was high scoring and an important league game they played this year. The team hopes to keep their 4-3 lead in the league and can’t wait for their next game. They will continue to strive with their team commitment and their special new motto.

“Our new motto this year is WE>ME,” Stiener said. “Every single person on the team has stood up to it and worked really hard for the benefit of the whole team.”