Sailing to victory

Julia Kado '24, Staff Writer

SAILING TO VICTORY Sailing Team earns medals at a regatta at Pontiac Yacht Club, qualifying them for two national pre-qualifiers. (Julia Kado)

Q: What has the season been like thus far?

A: “So far, we have placed first in both of the state qualifiers for nationals, which will send us to the regional qualifiers which will take place in Chicago and Pontiac, MI throughout the following weekends. If we do well enough there, we will get to compete at one or both of the national championships. So, given that, along with the many other local regattas and practice opportunities we have lined up, I’d say our season is off to a great start,” said Braden Vogel.

A: “We’re pretty early into the season but we’re off to a strong start. We won the Baker and Mallory pre-qualifiers two weekends ago. We are in Chicago right now hoping to qualify for the Mallory nationals,” said Team Captain and Skipper Dougie Cowan.

A: “The season has been great so far, we won our first two regattas and are working our way up to nationals. We had some very cold weather so we’re looking forward to some sun in the coming weeks,” said Skipper Gavin Webster

Q: How does sailing make you feel?

A: “Sailing is one of my absolute favorite activities to do because, unlike many other sports, it requires a lot of mental skill and knowledge of tactics along with high stamina and physical capability. In order to do well all of those factors need to work together perfectly, which is extremely hard to master, but is very rewarding once you do,” said Braden Vogel. “Especially at the high school level, the sport also requires a lot of collaboration and cooperation with your teammates, and being able to work together and rely on each others’ skill sets will set the best teams apart from the rest.”

A: “Sailing makes me feel good especially in the summer just being out in the nice weather,” said Dougie Cowan.

A: “Whenever I’m on the water I’m in my happy place,” said Grant Corrion.

A: “I’ve been sailing since I was little, so whenever I’m on the water I feel like I’m at home. It’s a sport where you have to think through every decision so I enjoy that aspect,” said Gavin Webster.

Q: How do you think sailing has changed you as a person?

A: “I think sailing has made me more conscious of my decisions regarding the environment but has also taught me perseverance and quick thinking skills,” said Gavin Webster.