Charity Week returns with a celebration

Maggie Quinn '22, Copy Editor

TOUCHDOWN Grosse Pointe South Girls band together for a Powderpuff football game on April 23. (Maggie Quinn ’22)

Charity Week has returned to South this year, after having a limited amount of events last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Student Association-organized event has returned with several events that are occurring throughout the week to support Phoemale, an organization that works with and supports women who have gone through a variety of challenges, including domestic violence and human trafficking.

“We chose Phoemale [this year] because it is a local organization, and helps women who are survivors of many different things, which is an important cause to us,” said Claire Blake ‘22, President of Student Association.

During the week of April 18, there will be several events that are occurring both at school and within the Grosse Pointe community to support the cause, such as themed spirit days, selling breadsticks during lunch period, and the return of traditional events such as Mr. Blue Devil, a pageant-style competition among the senior class in which someone is nominated for the titular title.

“Throughout the week, we will have the Mr. Blue Devil competition, T-shirt sales, a Powderpuff football game, and other spirit activities which we are doing to raise money for Phoemale,” Blake said.

If students are interested in participating and volunteering for any of the activities during Charity Week, they will be able to have easy access to participating in any events that they want to choose.

“Students can get involved by coming to Mr. Blue Devil, participating in or watching the Powderpuff game, purchasing a Charity Week T-Shirt, or participating in the spirit days,” Blake said.

If students and members of the community are also interested in giving back to Phoemale after the conclusion of Charity Week, they will continue to have access in order to give back to the organization in the future.

“Students [and members of the community] can participate in and support Phoemale through charity week or by donating through Phoemale’s website,” Blake said.