Establishing diversity in gender-dominant sports

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor

Many try to teach that anyone can play any sport. However, there tends to be inequality when it comes to specific genders playing specific sports. Over the past one hundred years, gender restrictions have been lifted, allowing girls to play the sport they please.

Some teams have only women or only men, but other teams are integrated and sprinkled with men and women. Football, BMX and wrestling are just a few examples. People have begun to realize and understand that women can do anything men can and deserve the opportunity to do so.

Kloie Roy’ 24 is one of few girls to have joined an otherwise all-boys wrestling team. She has strived for this opportunity and is glad to be a part of the ever-evolving push for women in sports.

“This is my first year of wrestling,” Roy said. “I love wrestling because of the competition and what it has taught me.”

Although Roy is not the first girl to be on the wrestling team, she still strives to promote inclusivity to other girls like her. She hopes to teach other people about wrestling and show girls that they can play any sport they want.

“Wrestling has taught me more about teamwork and setting goals,” Roy said. “It can teach people how hard work pays off, on the mat and in your regular life.”

Being one of few girls to be on a wrestling team, most guys aren’t accustomed to having a girl on their team. Brandon Southers ’23, is Roy’s teammate and has never practiced sharing the ring with a girl before. He said he enjoyed the experience and hopes she is on the team next year.

“This is my first time seeing a girl on the team,” Southers said. “I think she’s awesome, and I like cracking jokes with her every once in a while. She was dedicated and a good person to look to for advice if I needed it.”

Southers said Roy brought joy and positive energy to the team, and everybody finds her to be an awesome part of the group. He had come to understand that combined gender teams can teach a lot and help people grow.

“I think it’s good to have a girl on the team especially like Kloie because she fits in with the rest of the team perfectly,” Southers said. “She was a really good wrestler.”
Roy was able to make friends through the team. With her strong will and positive mindset, Roy was able to achieve what others may have presumed as not possible.

“I would like to inspire other girls because girls can do whatever they want,” Roy said