Midseason sports check in

O'Hara Diamond, Staff Writer

Girls Hockey
Varsity Hockey player Ellie Smith ’23 is enjoying her third season as a Blue Devil with new members who are a great addition to the team. South has six league wins and one loss and continues to learn how to play with each other on the ice and get to know one another. Smith said she is confident that her team has a good chance of winning States because they have the talent and skills to do so. “I hope we can win it all,” Smith said.

Boys Hockey
Hockey player Sam Adams ’24, a new recruit to the South Varsity Hockey team, has had a great season, but is aware they are entering their toughest games and the playoffs. South’s team has ten wins and hopes to end the season just shy of 15 wins. “I hope to end the season with momentum carried towards next year for both me and my team,” Adams said.

Figure Skating
Ryleigh O’Donoghue ’23, who has been figure skating for 13 years, said their season is going really well. She said her coach is even anticipating her team going to States. They have placed second and third in two competitions and hope to continue to improve as well as place in top two, so they can make it to States. “I hope to end this season by going to States and trying our best,” O’Donoghue said.