Five minutes with school resource officer Jon Ross

Jane VanSyckle, Staff Writer

The importance of safety is extremely important in and around our community. Ways to keep Grosse Pointe more secure are constantly being improved by schools, parents, and police officers.
Public Safety Officer, Jon Ross, has been a police officer for 5 years. As a Public Safety Officer, he takes on multiple roles to keep the community safe.
“Being a Public Safety Officer means that we’re in charge of police and fire,” Ross said. “We’re also responsible for traffic stops, burglar alarms, and incidents at school or anywhere around the community.”
Ross explained that over the years, traditional school safety protocols have changed, and officers around the country are using new training aspects to keep students safe.
“The traditional lockdown has kind of been phased out,” Ross said. “Now schools are going to the ALICE training aspect (of security) in cases of somebody from outside of school, or if there was an inside school threat.”
School safety is an important subject that is improving every year. With people like Ross keeping the community safe, students can begin to feel more secure everyday while learning in their schools.