Girls varsity hockey team looking forward to their 2021-2022 season

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff writer

The Girls Varsity Hockey Team held their tryouts on Nov. 1. Since then, the team has acquired new players and are looking forward to the 2021 season. Each athlete has a different position and level of experience, but according to captain Olivia Livingstone ’22, he players are strongly bonded to their sport and the team.
Livingstone is a captain this year. She has high expectations going into this season and is confident with her team.

“We have a lot of new coaches and new players this year and I feel like we’re gonna have a great season,” Livingstone said. “Overall, I am pretty excited. Everybody looks really good and we’re working really hard every day.”

As a captain, Livingstone has a responsibility of setting a positive example for the underclassman and unifying the team.

“What I like to do is just get everybody hyped up for the games and play really loud music that everybody likes to enjoy and we all sing together,” Livingstone said. “It’s a great way to bring everybody together and get hyped up.”

After the season, Livingstone is planning to continue her hockey career at Michigan State University.

“I don’t see myself ever not playing hockey or even a different sport ever again,” Livingstone said. “I always love to keep sports in my life.”

Evie Smith ’25 is a goalie and this will be her first season on the team. Smith is grateful for the team’s support towards the freshman.

“It’s very welcoming,” Smith said. “It’s fun and just eventful, no one is rude to anyone.”

Smith loves her position and defending her team’s goal.

“I get the most action probably on the ice and it’s just fun stopping the different shots,” Smith said. “The ones that hit off your head are always the most fun.”

Smith has an older sister who plays on the team, which she said creates occasional conflict.

“[My sister and I] used to play together when we were little but now it’s kind of difficult,” Smith said. “She is always throwing snow in my face and squirting water on my face, but in the long run it is kind of fun to have a sister out there.”

Molly Rysewski ’22 is winger and this will be her last season. She will not be playing in college but says the team has impacted her to continue with her high school career in the sport.

“I am sad it’s my last year playing hockey but I’m ready to move on,” Rysewski said. “I am not into the sport as much as I was before.”

Rysewski said she broke her femur while snowboarding last January, which affected her relationship with the sport.

“I was a little nervous going into the season, but after our first game I felt fine,” Rysewski said.

Rysewski is excited and now looking forward to the season ahead.

“I feel good about going into this season,” Rynewski said. “I think we will have a good year and hopefully be state champions.”