Floating through class float parties

Julia Kado, Staff Writer

FUTURISTIC FRESHMEN Members of the Class of 2025 look on as parent Scott Shall helps construct the float. (Class of 2025 Instagram)

With Homecoming’s quick approach on October 2nd, South’s various classes have been chipping away at preparing floats, posters, banners, spirit packs, and designs for the morning their class gets to paint South’s famous “

Rock.” This construction occurs during “Float Parties,” events hosted in a set place, on a set schedule. The parties are loaded with food, supplies, and kids eager to make their decor the most eye-catching.

As the newcomers to South anticipate their first day, they are invited to try their hand at ming

ling with classmates from different middle schools and help out with their first spirit week! They went with the theme of “Futuristic Freshmen”. Parties are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 1-4 PM, hosted by the Parikh Family (76 Lothrop, Grosse Pointe Farms) Class council member Audrey Macgillis shared brainstorming ideas, and experiences from the parties, mentioning that the freshmen were going with the strategy of dividing and conquering, with some attendees working away at posters while others worked on the floats.

SAFARI SOPHMORES Introduced a year late to the homecoming preparation process, sophomores chat casually and paint the first of the requested 40 posters that will line the hallway during Spirit Week (Julia Kado ’24)

“Everyone is super nice, and it’s been pretty fun! Regarding homecoming, I’m pretty nervous but excited! I’ll probably end up going with my friends, so it’ll be fun,” Audrey said.

Meanwhile, though a year more experienced in being high-schoolers, the class of 2024 is no more experienced at the nuances of Homecoming than the freshmen, due to its cancellation during 2020, their entrance year. Despite that, they’ve been working hard towards their theme of “Safari Sophomores,” on Sundays and Mondays 1-5 PM and Wednesdays 4-7 PM. Hosted by the Jakubowskis, (797 Bedford Rd, Grosse Pointe Park) and instructed by charismatic volunteer parents and class advisor Ms. Sugamele, they’re in great hands! Class President Maddy Zann has been thrilled and considers the parties to be a huge success, saying they’ve cultivated friendship and team unity.

It has been an amazing experience meeting new people and working with old friends who have all contributed phenomenal ideas.

— Maddy Zann '24

JORDAN JUNIORS A member of the junior class paints Nike’s signature Air Jordan shoe, the inspiration behind their theme of Jordan Juniors.

The Juniors have decided to go with the theme of “Jordan Juniors,” centering around Michael Jordan and basketball in general. Mrs. Parent, South’s beloved teacher of both English and psychology courses, is their advisor. They have been making steady progress, as well, though, according to class president, Lilly Stidham, attendance hasn’t been as high as anticipated. Class of 23’ are highly encouraged to meet up at 27 Whitcomb Drive, Grosse Pointe Farms. Parties are Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-5, and Sundays 1-4. Stidham was reluctant to reveal too much about the float itself, wanting to keep the element of surprise, but did mention something along the lines of a mini-basketball court.

UNDER THE SEA-NOIRS Seniors pose mid-paper-mache as they work to transform their trailer into an underwater wonderland. (Aleena Siddiqui ’22)

South’s final group, class of ‘22, are definitely the most experienced with floats and homecoming as a whole. For their theme, they played on words. Choosing the title of “Under the Seaniors,” the class of ‘22 has been chipping away at an aquatic array of decorations! Their float parties take place at the Siddiqui household on Tuesdays and Sundays from 2-5, and Wednesdays from 4-7. Class President Aleena Siddiqui, whose family hosts the parties, has noted that progress has been splendid. Siddiqui said attendance during the first few parties was remarkable, leading them to finish almost all of their posters off the bat. Siddiqui says to expect marine life on the float, even hinting at an octopus. She says morale has been at an all-time

high, and seeing her peers attend parties and get excited makes the work all the more worth it.

“I think homecoming is just a great time for the school to come together, especially after last year…it’s definitely bittersweet with it being our last homecoming, but we’re definitely going all out this year.”