Online gambling

Jackson Marchal ‘21, Staff writer

Betting on sports has always been popular among a countless number of Americans, and it has almost turned into a culture. Now that culture is incredibly more easy to join due to mobile apps and offshore sites, it is easy-to-use applications like these that have made gambling opportunities more accessible, and many teenagers have started placing bets illegally. The law in Michigan is that people under the age of 21 are not permitted to gamble. However, there are several reasons why I think this law should be changed.

There are evident reasons why the age restriction would be held to 21. Teenagers are assumed to be reckless with their money. It would be sad to see all the hard-earned summers savings spiral into the toilet. But I think many teenagers are more responsible than they are perceived to be, and that they should be trusted to use some of their money in the pursuit to make a profit.

In addition, regulators could meet in the middle and make limits as to how much money people under the age of 21 can bet. This would reduce the chances of anyone becoming bankrupt, which is the main concern. There can be positives to betting as well. It teaches money management skills and allows for the application of risk. You learn to be more observant, and work with numbers and patterns.

Furthermore, adults over the age of 21 should be an even bigger concern when it comes to sports betting. They are independent and may have other people relying on them such as their own kids. People that fit into this category have more to lose when it comes to sports betting.

According to RotoWire, 15 states allow sports betting once you’re the age of 18. I think that this is the perfect regulation. If you are old enough to go to war and risk your life fighting for our country, you should be able to gamble your own money. You can buy lottery tickets at age 18. You can invest in the stock market at age 18. All adults should be able to put a few dollars in a sports game!

All in all, when humans are forbidden to do something, it makes them want to do it more. Michiganders should be able to choose what to do with their hard-earned money. It is an opportunity to make a monetary gain and if you are an adult, you should have the freedom to bet on sports games.